On our way.

A week from now F and I will be on the way Tokyo. We still have no idea what we will be doing/seeing/eating. And the way things are going at work, I don’t think we’re going to have any time to investigate any further. I can’t wait.

Having never been a big shopper, purchasing luggage was never something that happened to me. Not that I don’t own any luggage, but coming from a family of frequent travelers, used luggage had a way of just falling into my lap whether I wanted to or not.

When ever my mother or brother would stop by from a trip to one end of the world or the next, there was always a chance that I would end up with an extra suitcase. In fact, I have a closet dedicated to them. {Something I plan on tackling in the near future #someday}. Funny thing is, I rarely travel with more than a backpack. No matter where I’m going, when I’m going or for how long I’m going. I came to realize a long time ago that I have no problem wearing the same few items of clothing multiple times while on a trip. A quick hand wash in the sink after a long day, and they’ll generally be ready for more by the next morning.

A combination of all of the above meant it was finally time to invest in luggage. Having relied so heavily on backpacks for previous travels, this was obviously where I first started looking.


What I was looking for:

+ Carry-on size

+ Backpack straps and wheels

+ Easy access

However, everything I found seemed better suited for the types of voyages I used to take in my early twenties. Also, F hates carrying a backpack around. He will always choose a roller. No matter where he’s going, when he’s going or for how long he’s going. And in the few times that we’ve traveled together, I’ve come to respect {maybe even appreciate #gettingolder} the conveniences of luggage on wheels.

So when I found this piece by Osprey on sale, I was thrilled to say the least. I could have the best of both worlds. Having heard great things about Osprey, I took a risk and ordered it online without having seen it first. And I’m happy to say, it worked out well… I love it. Not only does it convert from a roller to a backpack, there is an even smaller detachable backpack on the front for using on a more regular basis throughout a trip.



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